Last weekend we went up to the house in Missouri. Our lease ends April 1st and we have been paying our rent out each month, knowing we wouldn’t be released from making the full lease.

Unfortunately, we have not been up there as much as I would have liked and it has worried me. As we arrived, snow on the ground, the lock on the front gates was missing and they were swinging wide. Who knows how long ago it had been breached; it was before the snow because no human or car tracks marked the drive.

Luckily, no one seems to have broke into the house or taken anything from the barn. Although there is not much left to move so hence not much interesting to take (no laptops, televisions etc…). Most of what remains is personal items.

We gathered another load to go home. I figure we probably have two more car loads and at least one U-Haul tow to go. I want to go up again in February but it will depend on finances.

We scattered bird seed, oats, and sweet bell peppers from the fridge across the snow for any animal friends. Each time we visit I end up having a little cry. It was a mixed bag living there but it represented a big change for us. Many mixed emotions.


In March we will be there to meet up with some family friends. That will be the time to wrap up the last of the items to be moved and some furniture to be donated. It will be a warmer time – to go down and visit the river, sit out and make a fire – to give a proper goodbye and close that chapter.


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