Vultures message – transformation

Vultures’ message was very clear in meditation today. I am in the midst of great, positive change and transformation. Matters are ripening and fruit will be borne soon (by soon I though about 60 days, but see more recent post).

Confirmation that I am on the right path.

Confirmation I have the experience, wisdom and choices needed in my life to realize and materialize what I want.

I was told to bring Grandmothers Cedar Box with me on my next trip to Missouri. Affirmation that this box is for Vultures’ work and it is important that I get it completed soon.


Around the house I am putting together little vignettes. In each I am trying to bring together the four elements of fire (usually represented by a candle), air/wind (represented by feathers), water (represented by pitchers or shells) and earth (represented by ceramics, clay, rocks or gems).

At each I leave some of the gold coins given to Grenwinae during his job hunt and was used in a job/prosperity spell some time back (but since cleansed for more work). And I’m slowly adding Rose Quartz to each room.

I spend Sunday as a recharge and cleanup day. Today, I redid my bedside table, preparing it for enlightenment and prosperity. I will be doing a job spell for myself in March and I’m gathering together the elements I’ll be needing.


The stone beads are brecciated jasper and carnelian (grounding, balance and female power); larger stones of Carnelian and Flurorite (emotions); the green lotus/leaf plate I bought recently (and love it!), the ceramic bowl was bought some time ago as is one of a collection of bowls we have bought over the years of our marriage; inside it holds some of the gold coins.

The crystal lotus and tealight, I bought during my last trip to Missouri; my meditating frog is also from Missouri and bought during our time there.


Our 4th bedroom is painted blue and faces the Oak tree we planted in the front yard. Here is our Star Lady (bought during our Honeymoon) with glass, candle and coins. When I begin the housework upstairs, I light several candles throughout the area.



At the top of the stairs is a small grouping dedicated to earth with Yin and Yang symbols. A holey stone gifted by the river in Missouri rests alongside Rose Quartz.


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