Vulture delivers

Not working, not only am I bored, but the loss of income is hurting. Working full-time gave a comfort zone so the last two months has been a bit tight and damnably unpleasant.

Moving back to Oklahoma reinforces we are in a hurry up and wait mode; something that has driven me to despair and depression in the past. Should I blame a Mercury Retrograde on this (thankfully ends Feb 28)?

These cycles of sudden movement and stagnation are Rabbit nature – move fast, quickchange in a different direction, or just freeze in place.


I wrote the above late in the week and was still working on my feelings of limbo, apathy and spinning wheels mode, when I got a call today: a person I had interviewed with a few months back has a re-opening (the person hired, after 6 weeks, has given notice).

I’m to meet her tomorrow to discuss salary, hours etc… This job is still close to home, and it is part-time which is what I want. However, I do think the boss is a bit perfectionistic and her staff have been with her a LONG time (5 and 18 years for the two of them). OTOH, gift horses are gifts so I’m pretty happy!

So once again I am told IT WILL HAPPEN, and I flop around worrying and IT HAPPENS.

Definitely offerings and thanksgivings tonight!


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