It has been a weird week and I’m feeling a bit disoriented.

The new job has started. It will be less stress than my last job but it’s not an exciting position. I will get a good paycheck from it and that money will be used to pay off debt and to invest into my new business. Hopefully, in 3 years I will be 100 percent debt free (except for the house) and 100 percent back to being self-employed.

I spent some money on the business ordering supplies. As the packages arrived it was like WOW THIS IS BECOMING REAL! We will be opening online in about two months with a small variety of retail items for the metaphysical, pagan community. I imagine it will be a small splash in the net-a-sphere with becoming a brick and mortar store in 3 years being the real goal.

Most of the product going online is being made by myself and Grenwinae, so I’ve been very busy testing formulas, working out price points, locating vendors/suppliers, and developing the website and business model.

Last night I went to a sleep disorder clinic. After being hooked up to a lot of machines for the night, the upshot is no sleep apnea. The mystery of my weird tiredness continues to be a mystery.


During one meditation I did receive the enlightenment that when Rabbit and Vulture come into conjunction it usually means a positive and/or quick change/transition.


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