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deer on the horizon

Coming back from the barn we saw a herd of deer – small and dainty, they looked like miniatures next to the cattle in the field. We stopped to watch them. They stopped to watch us.  One peeked out from behind another, letting the braver be in front.

They had the patience to watch us all day, but we needed to go so thanked them for sharing with us.


We are everywhere

At my doctor’s appointment the person helping me had a necklace with a very prominent Rune on it. It looked like the Elder Futhark symbol for Algiz (Z). If so, it is  rune of protection, a shield for defense and warding off evil.

I didn’t ask her about it though it was very obvious. It’s still new to me the idea of being open. And it turned out she knew my boss.


Time for shelter

When I left for work this morning, a rabbit dodged from behind my car (right before I was going to back up) and went racing under the neighbors hedge. We have a lot of rabbits in this suburban neighborhood so that isn’t unusual.

Because of rabbits involvement in my life though I usually take heed when rabbits appear. Another rabbit appeared tonight in a different location. Both rabbits were going for cover.

So yes it’s good to be back home.

I need to rest and meditate a bit tonight. Not be so busy though I have a lot of thoughts spinning in my head.

It was hard to get going to work this week. I was a bit mulish (really don’t want to goooooooo!) but let’s face it, that money is going to do a lot of good and it’s the seed money for the business so stop complaining!

Guidance to remember

We left grapes, strawberries and cinnamon bread as offerings to the house. At the river, strawberries and grapes; one strawberry cast far into the fast flow of the water – it plopped down, surfaced and traveled with the current.


At home now and a bit out of sorts. It was strange having visitors to a place where the last six months, trips have been quiet retreats for myself and Grenwinae. Though I was glad to see my friend and her daughter, I am selfish about my private space.

I was given some advice in Missouri so I’m writing it down to remember:

Remember, expos as a way to get the word out about the new business. This has put into my head that I need to speak locally with DD in regards to perhaps her doing this for us. It would be too public for me to go those types of events and besides I don’t look the part.

She said our business will be very busy at Christmas. That would be so good but I find it doubtful because I have SO MUCH TO DO! that I wonder about getting what I need done even by the summer!

An older woman will come into my life to serve as a loving mentor. That I doubt. Older female figures and I don’t have much to discuss that is loving or fruitful. Thanks to my mom figure for that.

The Universe has a lot it wants me to do. I need to keep my mind open and be ready for new ideas or things I hadn’t really thought of as we will be given fresh ideas which might require us to adapt.

Healing and Rest were a reoccurring theme, which is a bit troubling. She strongly advised regular meditation to slow down and process all that is happening right now. She said I have trouble with my breathing. Again the throat chakra card appeared.

Use my Solar Plexus Chakra to gain new ideas and insights.

I need to end the turmoil with my brother; just bow out of that argument. Agreed.

A time to let things that don’t serve a purpose GO. I’m in a huge transition and there will be a significant healing happening soon. I think this also relates to Grenwinae because he let go of a part-time job he has been doing on and off for the last 10 years. It no longer served our needs for him to spend his time doing that (for various reasons). I heartily agree on letting go of what does not serve (quitting back in December was a prime example).

Don’t be in a rush to put it out there – spend time and consult with the Universe and make sure that the item is really right before releasing it to our clients. This actually just happened last week because a prototype we were working on didn’t feel like it was going the right direction and I pulled back from working on it.

My goal for my business is to provide some a MAGICKAL EXPERIENCE as soon as someone opens up the package (or eventually the door to the shop). Its not about rushing into something just to get something on the shelf to make some money. This business is more to me than just money – though of course the end goal is a going concern to take us into retirement. I need to keep this in mind as we further develop our stock.



Transparency in my personal life is not my given state. It’s not that I’m a liar or faker. It’s just that I don’t reveal all I think or know. I am more comfortable – especially after the five decades of living on this earth in the middle of the Bible Belt, in being reserved.

Anyone who asked, I told them. Not Christian. Will never be Christian. Have read the Bible. Not interested. Going to hell? You may think so, I don’t. Both opinions are valid. Excuse me, but if you aren’t open to discussion can we go back to whatever we were doing before you started this enquiry…?

Probably the best thing I heard about my new job was that my boss doesn’t go to church and won’t be doing a group pray at work! Personally, it’s my belief that Jesus is tired of all these demanding Tea Baggers and Right Wingers. All their neediness must really tire Him out. I know it tires me out!

In regards to my desire to remain private, did you expect anything less of someone who has Owl as one of their Animal Guides?

So “going public” yesterday with my business idea (which is pagan oriented) was a bigger deal than I had consciously thought it would be. It “put me out there” with my religious beliefs, which as someone who has not been public with anyone but my immediate family, is huge.

Yeah, there is this blog but few people read it. HAHAHA. So that isn’t like a Facebook page or a Pinterest account where I will be courting numbers.

I had a bit of freaky anxiety dream that woke me up too early this morning. However, the dye is cast and I’m moving forward.

Mandrakes abundance

The first day I went to work (a job at a veterinary clinic) I pulled a card from the Druid Plant Oracle: The Mandrake.  Short meaning: alleviate pains and suffering, good fortune, even wealth, fertility and connected to love. (some more info about Mandrake here).


For decades, I have struggled to find work that fits with what I could do, while raising a family. Mostly I ended up self-employed or working for companies that my daughter gave the label of “charities.”

These losers convince you that working for them is a New Normal. All the weirdness that any normal person would go WTF? too, you find yourself accepting as the everyday expectations of How Life Is. The problem with working for these so-called charities, is that they suck you in with the appearance of doing good when in reality they are just looking for someone they can use.

One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it.

Now I’m out of those situations, working for a professionally run company, and I find myself laughing and crying at the same time in telling Grenwinae about the weirdness of coming out on the other side.

Calls from vendors aren’t about bills overdue for months.

When I come in just to feed the clinic cat, I am expected to log, not the 10 minutes it took me to feed the cat but an hour.

When a client cancels, I’m not yelled at to “book the book” and blamed for why the clinic isn’t making money.

When the boss says she will be at work by 9 a.m., she is at work by 9.

The other staff just do their share of the work, and their duties.

My check will be paid on payday, not the evening of payday after the banks closed.

I won’t have to go to my boss and beg for my check – I have opted for direct deposit.

I won’t have to worry that my check will bounce.

There’s just a million little things, everyday, that I’m like HAHAHAHA!

We haven’t achieved a state of “abundance” but we are moving that direction. My hourly pay is the most I’ve been paid by an employer since I quit my “professional life.” Of course, if I had stayed in my profession, I would be making more, but overall, for someone who has come back to the workforce and who is making up lost time, my pay is a step up over the last two jobs. For instance, I will be working 30 hours approximately a week, and be making more per month as I made at my last position although I was working 40 hours plus.

We are still transitioning, hopefully to abundance, good fortune and wealth. Or at least an easier time financially.

Where the Wind Wills

A hawk flying high, battering against the wind. He turned and let the wind take him where it wanted, adapting his circle.

Below him his mate circles upward.


The job is going okay. I think it will overall work out and be a good source of income for the next two years, enabling me to pay off debt and to invest in my start up business. It is overall much lower pressure and has Fridays off; both of which I need.

Meanwhile, life seems to get complicated just when I want it to be less so. I must release myself from ego-driven desires and go where the wind takes me.

Hawks states less effort against what cannot be won.