Mandrakes abundance

The first day I went to work (a job at a veterinary clinic) I pulled a card from the Druid Plant Oracle: The Mandrake.  Short meaning: alleviate pains and suffering, good fortune, even wealth, fertility and connected to love. (some more info about Mandrake here).


For decades, I have struggled to find work that fits with what I could do, while raising a family. Mostly I ended up self-employed or working for companies that my daughter gave the label of “charities.”

These losers convince you that working for them is a New Normal. All the weirdness that any normal person would go WTF? too, you find yourself accepting as the everyday expectations of How Life Is. The problem with working for these so-called charities, is that they suck you in with the appearance of doing good when in reality they are just looking for someone they can use.

One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it.

Now I’m out of those situations, working for a professionally run company, and I find myself laughing and crying at the same time in telling Grenwinae about the weirdness of coming out on the other side.

Calls from vendors aren’t about bills overdue for months.

When I come in just to feed the clinic cat, I am expected to log, not the 10 minutes it took me to feed the cat but an hour.

When a client cancels, I’m not yelled at to “book the book” and blamed for why the clinic isn’t making money.

When the boss says she will be at work by 9 a.m., she is at work by 9.

The other staff just do their share of the work, and their duties.

My check will be paid on payday, not the evening of payday after the banks closed.

I won’t have to go to my boss and beg for my check – I have opted for direct deposit.

I won’t have to worry that my check will bounce.

There’s just a million little things, everyday, that I’m like HAHAHAHA!

We haven’t achieved a state of “abundance” but we are moving that direction. My hourly pay is the most I’ve been paid by an employer since I quit my “professional life.” Of course, if I had stayed in my profession, I would be making more, but overall, for someone who has come back to the workforce and who is making up lost time, my pay is a step up over the last two jobs. For instance, I will be working 30 hours approximately a week, and be making more per month as I made at my last position although I was working 40 hours plus.

We are still transitioning, hopefully to abundance, good fortune and wealth. Or at least an easier time financially.


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