Transparency in my personal life is not my given state. It’s not that I’m a liar or faker. It’s just that I don’t reveal all I think or know. I am more comfortable – especially after the five decades of living on this earth in the middle of the Bible Belt, in being reserved.

Anyone who asked, I told them. Not Christian. Will never be Christian. Have read the Bible. Not interested. Going to hell? You may think so, I don’t. Both opinions are valid. Excuse me, but if you aren’t open to discussion can we go back to whatever we were doing before you started this enquiry…?

Probably the best thing I heard about my new job was that my boss doesn’t go to church and won’t be doing a group pray at work! Personally, it’s my belief that Jesus is tired of all these demanding Tea Baggers and Right Wingers. All their neediness must really tire Him out. I know it tires me out!

In regards to my desire to remain private, did you expect anything less of someone who has Owl as one of their Animal Guides?

So “going public” yesterday with my business idea (which is pagan oriented) was a bigger deal than I had consciously thought it would be. It “put me out there” with my religious beliefs, which as someone who has not been public with anyone but my immediate family, is huge.

Yeah, there is this blog but few people read it. HAHAHA. So that isn’t like a Facebook page or a Pinterest account where I will be courting numbers.

I had a bit of freaky anxiety dream that woke me up too early this morning. However, the dye is cast and I’m moving forward.


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