Coopers Hawk visits Rabbit

I was working at the kitchen table and saw a flurry of movement out the left bay window. A hawk had come up from the ground and had landed on the privacy fence. I was able to watch him for a good amount of time and was able to see that he was not a Red Tail, but most likely a Coopers’ Hawk.

This has me re-thinking who I have been observing around the house these last few years. I think the two hawks I saw yesterday were Coopers – I thought at the time that their body build seemed closer to an Accipiter than a Buteo. I should have paid more attention to their tails.

Coopers Hawk has a very distinctive wing pattern that I got to see very close up when I was still in Missouri, and his wings can extend past his head during his flight which can’t be done with Red Tailed Hawk. The head sits down lower with a more bulky thickness between where the wings and the neck meet. The head sits lower. The tail is distinctively different than the Red Tail.

The hawk that attacked the bird in the hedge, was more likely to be a Coopers Hawk than a Red Tailed Hawk, as they commonly attack small birds and maneuver through tight areas to do so.

We also have honored Coopers Hawk with ceremony and Cooper has shown up many times sometimes before significant events, other times nothing seemed connected to my own life.

When I asked Grenwinae to talk to Cooper, Coopers response was about Good Hunting and an impression some one was looking for rabbits (which is the dichotomy I have to deal with when Rabbit and Raptors our Animal Guides). I had been working on the business website at the time. I’ll be meditating upon Coopers appearance tonight.


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