Hearth Spread – Druid Animal Oracle

Many of the thoughts I’ve had this past weekend are not ready to be expressed here. It will take time to percolate them and honestly, some of them are probably never going to be posted. It is stuff for me to learn and internalize and than see how I can move it forward into my life.

At the end of our ceremony, I did a spread using my Druid Oracle Cards. The Hearth Spread is recommended in the book that came with the cards and it was the first time I’ve used this particular layout.

I had just done a ceremony marking our farewell of the country house rental and moving, finances, debt and going back to Oklahoma was on my mind.


Cards 1 and 2 our perception: Wolf Reversed, Salmon Reversed.

Wolf Reversed, I think speaks of how we feel we are moving to a place of loneliness and isolation from our dreams (living in the country, not living in Oklahoma, being able to be closer to nature) and instead returning to where we’ve lived most of our adult lives. Although the family is moving back together and I don’t feel alone in the way of being without my partner – however, both of us are feeling cut off from emotional and spiritual food and abundance due to the relocation.

Salmon also speaks of the return to home waters. Reversed Salmon reminds me that we need to stop pushing so hard. We have resources that will allow our goals to happen if we can relax and trust in that power as well as learn how to use it. This is a very Taoist card meaning:  Wu Wei.

These cards reflect our isolation, loneliness and sadness in leaving, while also reminding us to trust to the current to help us – even if we feel we are going backwards we can use that power to move us the right way.

Wolf has shown up before and seems to represent family or specific family members. If you’ve been following along you know Salmon has appeared several times when connected to the move back.


Cards 3 and 4 is outside perception: blank card and the Stag. One of the cards was the blank “extra” that came with the deck! I had forgotten to take it out but I let it remain – ambiguous.

Outsiders would see us as independent, perhaps loners, with dignity. I generally don’t think of what others think of me – so this card sequence rather leaves me blank in itself. Or perhaps, like several of the other cards we hold ourselves aloof with dignity – and even a blankness presented to the world…?

The Stag is also a male aspect. I may have been reading too much into this card – we have moved back – on the surface as interpreted by others – because of the needs of the male leader of the family. Grenwinae needed to be closer to his family while his father was ill and he did not enjoy his work in Missouri.


Cards 5 and 6 our desires for what would be: Cat and Cow Reversed.

These two I think need to be read together. Cow reversed is the limited resources we feel we have – we are not in a land of milk and honey – we do not have abundance we want. Amidst this Cat shows we are independent and aloof. We can make decisions in our own time.

Like several of the cards, I am seeing a pattern of standing alone – aloof – maybe distanced from the world.

After thinking on it, I believe this can be summed up by the saying “wanting a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.” We both feel deprived and not living the life we want because of the necessity of responsibilities we are currently holding.


Cards 7 and 8 the way it could be: Water Dragon Reversed and Air Dragon

These are the Yin and the Yang – Water Dragon Reversed cautions us to take it slow. Humans are frail and revelations should be dealt with in small dosages. Emotion and reaction can be overwhelming and dangerous currents. Meanwhile, Air Dragon is lightning striking! Insight, clarity, inspiration and illumination can also be powerful and overwhelming.

These are powerful cards to end the reading. Dragons have shown up many times in readings I’ve done – not always welcome. Looking back Reversed Water Dragon has indicated emotional turbulence at work (both myself and Grenwinae). Water and Air are not particularly compatible – like Water and Earth, or Air and Fire.

I really do like keeping a history of the readings – going back meanings become clear. If you are looking to read cards, I encourage you to keep a diary, journal, blog or some sort of entry about what layout you did, when, and your thoughts.


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