Right now I’m going through another cycle of being extremely tired. I got my CPAP machine after my sleep study and it has been nothing but a big pain in the ass. Most times I feel like it’s smothering me rather than helping me to breathe. I’ve had to go back three times to try to figure this stupid thing out but I think I’ve finally got it together so HOPEFULLY, this week, I’ll start to see improvement.

The upshot is that I am mentally exhausted because I’m not getting a sound enough sleep. It seems that every 10th breath I stop breathing. This sounds alarming; what is more alarming is this is considered “mild” sleep apnea!

Daughter was sick earlier this week and I think I caught a bit of that too as it gave me a lightheaded, spacey, drifty feeling for a few days running.

The new job is proving to be difficult. I don’t really want to stay but there is financial need.

Combine all that and I just want to crawl into bed and fall asleep reading a good book.

Live is sometimes not tidy.


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