Rabbit money

At the barn Saturday and I almost stepped on a rabbit! There is a rabbit that hangs around there (after all there are huge fields about) and I sometimes see him around the area of the barn where my horses are kept.

I had the impression again that energy had moved. We had three groups that owed us money and on Monday we received two of them.

While I love Rabbit, I really don’t like what I’ve called “rabbit money” – money that we receive in fits and starts. For example, my new job pays ONCE a MONTH. This is a real pain in the ass as I’ve always used my checks to fit around Grenwinaes larger ones (which pay house, utilities etc…).

Unfortunately, I see Rabbit Money being our trial and tribulation for the next two years until a certain something gets off our “books.”

I guess it’s best to have money multiply and not troubles.


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