rabbit energy

Rabbit energy is fits and starts.

I prefer that that to the long grind. I don’t do well on the long journeys of pulling a cart up the neverending hill. I need to call on Horse energy/endurance/patience for that purpose.

The good news is that I am seeing some benefit from the CPAP machine. Apparently breathing through the night during your entire sleep cycle improves your daytime brain function. Who knew?

After being rabbit frozen/paralyzed for a few weeks, I’m moving forward on my business. We put together some more items last night that has gotten me excited again. Rabbit fertility means ideas popping forth everywhere. Bursting with creative ideas is again a return to Self.

Working with my Horse is also continuing. I’m becoming more and more confident and entering my pre-world-collapse zone of self-sufficiency. This must indeed happen in order for me to Own myself again.

Tonight is rabbit on the front lawn, fireflies, June bugs and barn swallows dodging through the evening dusk.


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