Dogs and Cats, living together

A situation happened at work and I had to leave for an appointment so it didn’t get resolved. On the way to the appointment, I looked up and saw a large black bird flying high on my left. I rolled down my window to get a good look and it had vanished – no where in sight.

Today, Crows everywhere.

At the barn, a crow and a hawk flew side by side (not chasing each other, which would be typical as they are enemies).


Crow is not my Spirit Guide but since Crow is linked to Owls and Hawks as an adversary it pays to know about them in addition to my own Guides. Crow seems to be a symbol of change so perhaps Crow and Hawk flying peacefully together was a sign that all would be okay.

I have made the decision to give notice at my work on Tuesday. It was something I’ve been thinking of for the last month and it just needs to happen.

UPDATE – well I didn’t quit. It was a very weird workday as my boss was actually friendly to me. I’m pretty sure that the matter I was concerned about turned out to be her error and thus her friendliness.

Thinking about the unusual pairing of a crow and a hawk, I think it was natural enemies getting along despite their differences.


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