Owl gives support

About two days ago I had the thought: Well I guess Owl wasn’t a permanent Animal Spirit Guide. I haven’t connected to Owl since we came from Missouri and maybe I was deluding myself on that connection even though I had felt a deep kindred at the time. Maybe Owl just showed up to kick my ass a bit. Maybe I was puffing myself up with some mysterious and powerful Owl Magick instead of accepting that I was just ordinary.

Tonight at the barn while I was saddling up Zara, I heard Owl. I stopped and waited. It was about an hour before dusk and that is when I’ve found Owl to be the most busy for me. It came again, and than once or twice more.

Owl has a habit of doing this. Whenever I’m in doubt, Owl just shows up – like he did at work not once but twice.

I didn’t feel any especial message but I do know that this weekend, things around me are in major flux. Maybe Owl was just reminding me that I am more than I seem – that I can keep my Owl council – or maybe that Owl is consistently disliked by others due to Owl-sense.

Whatever the message was we shall see. Tuesday will be interesting in a non-good way.


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