Harried Hawk and teamwork

Coming home yesterday the neighborhood Coopers Hawk was being harried by 5-7 little black birds. They probably wanted to get this predator out of the neighborhood of their nests!

What is interesting about watching this natural occurrence is how the little birds make a team to attack a much larger bird that is notably aggressive towards their kind. Lesson learned is that teamwork can successfully take on a big challenge.

The other interesting observation is how the hawk pretty much ignores them. He sails peacefully, wings outspread as if they do not exist. Lesson learned is that don’t let small troubles bother you. Keep to your path.

This shows you how various signs you see can swing in different directions, sometimes opposite directions. Is it even significant? And if so how would it apply in my life?

I had been thinking all day about my business as I have a new opportunity that has opened up. However, it needs partnership to make it happen. I think teamwork is what this occurrence is about – working together makes a big problem, small and its teamwork that can tackle big things.


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