customer service in this day and age

Though I am working a 30 hour a week job, I’m spending my downtime setting up a new business. The goal is to become self-employed and since I don’t get paid much, it wouldn’t take much to match my salary (I guess that’s one benefit to being paid an “okay” wage).

I wondered, “who am I to set up this business? What do I know?”

Well, I know a few things. For example if you have a shop on Etsy and I order something from you – you should immediately drop me an email and let me know you received my order.

When it ships, you should send me another email telling me that it is on its way.

If I have sent you a complaint, address it immediately. Don’t hide!

When I get a bottle containing liquid material it shouldn’t have LEAKED all over the interior of its container. A ziplock baggie won’t contain it and you are damn lucky the whole thing didn’t break since you sent in an unpadded envelope mailer!!

This is the second time I have ordered something from an artisan on Etsy and got shafted. 3 weeks without any email contact about something that I had to pay upfront for is ridiculous. Only when I threatened and lodged a complaint with Etsy did I finally receive some sort of satisfaction.

These are from shops with glowing reviews – why? Because if you post anything less than 5 stars, the shop owner starts with the threats! I’ve been viciously attacked on Amazon by authors when I gave a 3 or 4 star review! Reviews are worthless.

I try to be very supportive of the small folk who are struggling. I go to the farmers market and buy from local growers. I buy a few things on Etsy to support small shops. I attend art and craft fairs and when I can buy from vendors.

However, if you expect to survive in this harsh new economy, I would like to point out something to you: I work hard for my money. When I spend it, I want to enjoy the process – not worry, fret or be disappointed!

Right there I’m ahead of the curve. I haven’t opened up shop yet because until have all the shipping and shopping cart down pat, I’m not going to promise anyone anything. It’s called customer service, and if you are small business person who wants to stay in business, please don’t moan to me about your lack of clients. Especially when your customer service lacks service



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