Owl laughs

At the barn many baby bunnies. That kinda happens when you see bunnies frolicking around in the grass 🙂

One was bolder and a bit bigger. He explored further afield. I think he was a boy. The girl stayed closer to home, cautious but when she moved she did so quickly. She liked to stay near places where she could hide if need be.

The amazing thing about rabbits is they hop around in the open and most people do not see them. Or if you see them, and shift your eyes away for a second, they blend away into the grass, vanishing if by magic. For being so vulnerable to predators they take some amazing risks.

I’ve been hesitant to get into big projects right now with Mercury in Retrograde (my experience is everything gets a kink in it when done during this time). My thoughts, after seeing the bunnies, is that it’s okay to explore some creative ideas but keep them baby sized.


At the barn I was thinking (once again), I guess I won’t see an owl (not being in the wilds anymore) and than Owl was JUST THERE! On the way home, we saw a very large bird flying. I am pretty positive it was an owl due to it’s body shape and wing stroke pattern.

I am realizing that Owl has rather a mischievous sense or humor about things.


The weather is beautiful here. The honey moon was huge – it rose while we drove home thinking of new spring life and large owls.


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