Cleaning and preparing Vulture’s Gift

The Griffin I had bought yesterday is to honor my connection with Vulture. According to some these two are connected and that is how I view my relationship with Her: outwardly a Vulture; the shadow-self, a Griffin.

I am nearing the end of cleaning my Vulture feathers from the dead Vulture I found dead on the side of the road during our last day when cleaning out our rental house in Missouri.  They were stored in the freezer for 2 weeks; in the garage for 10 days; and now back in the freezer for 2 weeks (process here).

I have been thinking over what the final rinse to clean them will be. I have decided upon a mixture from the Cedar tree in our backyard, blended with Frankincense and Orange (similar to my Vultures Tears oil blend).

Cedar: While not Juniper, it is related in appearance and scent. This tree actually grew over the grave of one of our little hamsters. Alternatives would be Juniper, Cypress or Cedarwood. These are “cemetery” trees – often planted there because of their evergreen needles/leaves (memory of the deceased is evergreen etc…).

Orange to represent the Sun: Vulture worships the sun, spreading her wings out each morning to dry them. She is Solar and Wind.

Frankincense: cleansing, purification, and consecration. Meditation and prayer. In my mind Frankincense, as well as Cedar, is very tied to the dead.

I have been thinking of what direction these Animal Guides of mine could be associated with. Ma’at had wings that were thought to be those of a Vulture;  Nekhbet was a Vulture – though both are of Egypt though I think Nekhbet as Mother of All Mothers is more of how I see Vulture. Vulture is also a Psychopomp.

While I wondered if Vulture would be connected to the West (endings) or the North (mystery and death), if feels right that She would be connected to the East due to her sun greeting ways and ability as a windrider. While She rends your flesh to free your soul, its about new beginnings because they cannot come without the loss of something else.

For me Owl seems clearly connected to the North. Owl is about silence and mystery. The unknown and the feared.

Rabbit to the South – to summer, abundance, and fertility. Although Willow, which I connect to Rabbit, is affiliated with the West, which goes to show you that things are not tidy sometimes.

Hawk to the West. Because Hawk has no pretensions and acts as He is driven, without hesitation.

Or so I think at this moment.


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