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During one of our wrap-up trips to Missouri, I was inspired with the idea of starting a local alternative retail store here in Tulsa. I started working on that plan (Cinnabarys) and some of you already know about it. However, I also knew finances would not allow me to jump in with a retail store right away, though I could do something online and start out small.

Suffice to write that I still have plans for Cinnabarys and it will happen (though slower than I thought). It will probably remain as an online outlet only with perhaps a local representation (more about that later in this post). For now you can follow Cinnabarys via the blog or Facebook or Pinterest.

I did a lot of research so I also know a few other things: the store must make money as I cannot afford another “hobby” (horses are expensive enough as it is) and Pagans (or whatever alternate you follow) simply don’t provide enough buying power to keep a store in business. Too many pagan-oriented stores are struggling, with owners losing hope and begging for patrons. The online competition is also very stiff.

Also, in doing my Google Analytics research there was far more interest in sidelines to my original concept (for example, far more people search for Chakras than Spells – isn’t that interesting?). Hmmmmm

This has morphed into a separate retail store idea called Gypsy Gear (I’m only on Pinterest for now) which can appeal to a wider audience.  The opportunity of lower risk opportunity for a weekend retail store (I work a job Monday through Thursday to keep me and mine in food and shelter) in a very nearby shopping area developed.

However, after talking with some folks it was discouraging as they didn’t like the landlord (you can rent a small shop in the complex, or a booth/table). These folks were suggesting booths but what I want is a full-store shopping EXPERIENCE… that suits my aesthetic and provides things that are fun, fascinating and a bit quirky. People should leave and go wow that was cool, interesting, neat or whatever! It should be an experience.

Last night, after manifesting daughters’ weeklong cold, I had some further inspiration. So here is the idea – a vintage camper turned into a shopping boutique. I could still do the retail shopping center that I am thinking of (I won’t mention their name til it’s a done deal) and I could do craft fairs etc…

The vintage trailer pictured above is from Craigslist for $700; I figure it will take at least $2,000 in renovation. We would gut the interior and make it a store – a store that moves – like a Gypsy caravan!

I’m really thinking this would be cool in so many ways – and it can have a touch of Cinnabarys (the more witchy version) there too.

Hmmm…. rubbing hands….

vintage_camper_1 vintage_camper_2


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