rather unpopular thoughts (pagan-wise)

I’m female but I don’t get the whole moon worship thing. The moon does nothing for me. That might be because I’m a Leo or have lived in a very sunny part of the world for most of my life. The moon is pretty but really…. I don’t go all out on Full Moons or dance around about it.

I’m not into the Wheel of the Year – it seems a huge obligation to turn around every 2 months and have yet, another celebration determined by a Celtic/ Wiccan calendar that I don’t follow the religious beliefs of in the first place.

I know those two paragraphs may have felt like you were slapped in the face. It’s OKAY if the moon is powerful to you – or that you love the Wheel of the Year. For me, it’s meh.


I’m not into the worship of my ancestors. Overall, they were a pretty disgusting group who hit pregnant women, killed people in public knife fights, treated their women like chattels, and worked/lived on the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder.

Yeah, no princesses or leaders in my ancestors. Just hard scrabble people living on the edge who either killed their enemies immediately (patrilineal line) or held a grudge til they could stab you in the back (matrilineal line).

Personally, I have no need to ask them for any intervention in my life. I know they gave me the physical stamina to pull a plow, birth that baby, and get back to picking cotton (baby with the umbilical cord still attached), all the while having my drunk husband give me a blow to the head because I didn’t get as many rows plowed as I should have – thanks Ancestors!


I’m really getting tired of moderates having to apologize for what they write! (like this guy) My recommendation is 1.) every twit with Internet access and commenting ability doesn’t need to be listened to and placated; and 2.) STOP apologizing or trying to accommodate. Say what you have to say – if you really believe it.

It’s okay to be a sane voice in the wilderness of loonies. The right side of the political spectrum wants moderates to shut up. We are a much larger threat to them than the far left.


Here’s an idea Pagans (or whatever alternate group you want to self-identify as), stop your shit stirring. If I wanted to be told how to think, how to worship, how to interpret my Ancestors or Gods/Goddesses, I would join the Catholic Church.

Haven’t joined any church in over 50 years and so yeah, do you get the message? I do the things I want because it doesn’t harm anyone else or infringe on any laws. I support your right in this country to do the same. I can call myself whatever I want. I don’t need your “community permission” to do so.

Freedom is a beautiful thing. It’s the oddest thing that people, in a fringe community, wants to take it away from others.


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