Reading for the new business

I had asked Elena to do a reading for me on the business direction I talked about last week. I really don’t like doing readings for myself too often, and the more important the issue, the less I like to do the reading myself because I don’t want it influenced by my own wishes vs. accuracy. Following is what Elena emailed me, my comments italicized.


Before I begin on the main reading, I am being told that I need to pull a power animal card first, and whatever animal that I get will be your helper and ally on this project. You can invoke this animal, call for aid and this being volunteers to help you now! This is coming through very strong for you right now. 😀


Chicago Zoological Society

Interesting! This is really cool because your sweet little gypsy caravan sure has a playful vibe to it, and I am getting that the more fun and playful you keep this project, the more successful you will be.

So Dolphin is your ally, and will help you to bring success to your business. Call on dolphin for help, and even place a picture of a dolphin in your trailer when you open up shop! Also, keep your eyes open for signs from the dolphin totem, since this will be valuable guidance regarding this project.

I found this very interesting as two days before Elena sent me the reading, I had suddenly the thought/revelation in my head that if I didn’t approach this “work” with a playful attitude it simply wouldn’t work. I have a tendency to get extremely, seriously focused to a scary level when it comes to work – this business has to be PLAYFUL – and I must HAVE JOY in it! Dolphin I think can help me with this.

So let us now move on to the main portion of the reading. I am using my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Each card will represent advice or information about the future of this project! (I replaced some of her card images with images I found which I liked better 🙂

YEMANYA: Golden Opportunity

“Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

Wowee! Do you see that dolphin? That is really amazing! So yes, this is a great confirmation that you can work with the dolphin totem for success with this project. But this card says to me that this is an excellent opportunity, and that as long as you walk through the door and make it happen that it will indeed be a golden opportunity for you.

Yemanja is an African/Brazilian Goddess. Her African side is tied to womanhood, especially birth. The Brazilian manifestation is Queen of the Sea. The Sea/Water is the birthplace and sustenance for many things – including ideas. There’s some cool information about her here.

Dolphin again – creative works must come from a spirit of play and not be constrained too much by worry or what-ifs’ or doubts.

An interesting thing is that she is shown holding a mirror up to her face, and I’ve been working on a handheld mirror project 🙂 

I am also getting that it will be very important for you to project absolute confidence regarding this opportunity. The universe is always listening, always taking on the tone that you set, so do not speak any words that are not positive towards a good outcome. Project total confidence and excitement about how this will turn out. This will be like spell working. Only speak uplifting and positive sentences regarding your business.

I can make things happen – beautiful wonderful manifestations, but the years have allowed me to let worry and doubt have the upper hand. I will need to put myself into the right frame of emotional-spiritual mind to make this happen – and if I do that I can make it happen.

DIANA (Artemis): Focused Intention

“Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions
focused on your target, and you will make your mark.”

Yes! So again, this is much the same message that I just got. Yet another synchronicity and confirmation. So, focus, set an intention, and do not let your focus waver, do not let your expectation of the positive waver. Once your intention is set, have total and absolute faith for a positive outcome.

The Huntress and patron of Nature and the Innocent. Diana’s energy is relentless, focused and without bend. She is one righteous, bad ass.

I am also getting that it will be important to only discuss this and your other business ventures with those who are supportive and positive about them. Do not “dirty the waters” by allowing people access to your ideas if they are not positive about them. Keep your ideas reserved for yourself and those who are totally supportive.

Again, another interesting serendipity. Because of the negative response I received a few weeks back, I cautioned Grenwinae to be a bit more wily about who he discusses this project with. As it is this will probably be the last mention here on this blog until the business is ready to launch.

LAKSHMI: Bright Future

“Stop worrying, Everything is going to be fine.”

This is fantastic for our final card! Lakshmi is like the ultimate money and prosperity goddess, and she is here to bless this project for you! It seems like everything is in order, and that you will indeed have a bright future with this one.

If I needed a Show Me the Money card, I think I got it 🙂 – which is very positive – YAY! Some interesting things here – Lakshmi is seen sitting upon a Lotus in the water (she was born from the ocean). Two of her hands (the spiritual side) hold the Lotus; her material hands shower gold coins.

She also rides the white Owl – depending on what I’ve read it’s because the Owl is foolish and can be controlled by her – or because she rides at night when others sleep. Like the other two goddesses she can be very temperamental about bestowing her favors.

The key is, as it says here to let go of all worry about how it will turn out, and totally trust and have faith that you will be provided for along the way. And getting the prosperity goddess Lakshmi for your last card is certainly a sign that you will!

Elena very nicely had selected two additional cards for me – the dolphin at the beginning and the dragon at the end.

The Dragon ~ Power, Strength


 (My business name Cinnabarys actually translates to Dragons Blood).

 This is a great sign! I am really glad that I pulled this card for you at the end, because it confirms your role as a business creator!

So, this is yet again a card of confidence. Be as the dragon is here. Be strong and powerful, which you already are. Just own it in the business world. This all comes back to having confidence about your new project, and riding the momentum of this confidence to bring more energy to your project! I love it! You can do this! The universe fully backs you up!


Thank you Elena! See her Etsy shop with a variety of readings here.


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