Hawk is left out

Being sick these last two weeks meant that the housework got piled up. Our bedroom was far more messier than I liked and the area where I do my work was not in proper order at all.

Friday I spent some time cleaning and putting together my meditation (or altar if you prefer) space. I placed my new Vulture-Griffin statue in the honor, central position on top of the cedar box made from my grandmothers’ blanket chest.

I have a small pocket totem for Rabbit, another Griffin, and a stone Owl, as well as a pendant with an Owl face. Only a photo of a Hawk.

Once again I realized I didn’t have a serious representation of Hawk. Honestly, I have been looking and have found nothing that really suits. That evening, on the way home from the barn, the only animal I saw was a hawk, his back to me.

Yeah, I understand, you are in a Huff. And I’m trying, really trying to find something that is fitting for you. It might end up having to be wall art instead of sculpture as I have found plenty of photos or paintings. I’m still looking, I promise I haven’t forgotten!


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