Orange for the Sun, Cedar for the Dead


This weekend I’m trying to get caught up on many small projects. One of those was starting my Rosemary and Mugwort Tinctures. I’ve posted about that that at the Cinnabarys blog as it will become part of a product offering.

I also cleaned my Vulture feathers and have hung them up to air dry. I was afraid to open the package, because the corpse I had found was pretty buggy – but the freezing ritual seemed to have taken care of that.

I mixed chopped cedar and cedar berries (from our own tree) with orange peel and boiled them in water for about 30 minutes. This I strained, dipped my feathers and let them air dry under the noon day sun.

Tonight, each will be smudged in Frankincense and wiped with my Vultures Tears Anointing Oil.

I will pick out a few and send them on to those I promised, probably Monday. The rest will be set back for my own private work.


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