Retrograde wraps up

Thank goodness for Mercury Retrograde being over. We were only mildly effected, more like minor irritations. I ended up getting a fever and cough, with the cough lasting longer and requiring a trip to the doctor for prescription strength cough syrup so I could sleep. As it was my ribs are still bruised from coughing too hard and I’m still recovering.

Little things at work went wrong – the scanner/printer shutting itself off when we were awaiting a fax; the computer email being delayed in transmitting; and today just trying to replace lightbulb in the chandelier seemed a chance to burn the house down!

Someone near Grenwinaes’ desk at work was talking to a friend over the phone about how nothing was working right last week. She said “the planets must be aligned wrong!” and of course she wasn’t far off there 🙂

Someone also told Grenwinae that the gnats that had invaded the office wasn’t bothering him probably because of the “nuts at his desk” (these are the acorns that he keeps on his desk that confuses everyone as to their purpose!). LOL!

The good news is that Grenwinae got a raise during his review which took place during Mercury Retrograde. This is a significant pay increase and bodes well for his future at this job; it also puts us closer to being at the salary he had in Missouri so hopefully by next June he will be back to his original annual salary. (fingers crossed).


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