Over and done with


The job is over. Goddamn. Praise the Lord!

I hated that job with the heat of a thousand suns so if my boss has ever found this blog (doubtful), let me tell you that you did me a huge favor. I’ve decided a momentous thing – I will no longer work for anyone but myself. It’s one of the few “luxuries” offered to me being married with a spouse with a  secured income. Going back to self-employment will allow me to rest and recover, something that is sorely needed after the last two years.


1.) At my age (50) working for a career in a traditional business environment isn’t going to happen. My skills are too outdated and my degree in (journalism) is in a dying field.

2.) I am tired of being offered low, substandard BORING jobs that I simply do not engage my heart, let alone my mind. And lets not forget working for assholes. As I told Grenwinae – it’s like going to prison. Anyone stuck in a job that doesn’t engage them to the fullest is just biding time, making tic marks on the wall.

3.) I did a crap job for her and I can understand why she did what she did. Between my health spiral downwards, not caring and working for a bit of a bitch, I didn’t have the motivation or interest to improve.

4.) There is only so much you can do against your own nature, before your own nature will sabotage you (more on that later).

Yeah the budget will be tight but I’ve done my time – and I’M FREEEEEE!!!

Right now I need to focus on my health. I’m not terminal or chronic but I do have issues (that contributed to my crap work) that need to be resolved. I need to lose weight, get my strength back, and get enough sleep I can think straight.



On the way to the barn Saturday we had to take a detour. Down a country road, a large bird flew across the road (left to right), and I slowed down. Because of the position of the sun I wasn’t sure if it was a Vulture or a Hawk. While I wondered about this he had circled the vehicle (clockwise) and came across, in front again, quite close.

This is who I am Dummy.

Okay thanks Hawk. It was a show of support – a dose of strength, sorely needed.

Today, I was thinking of how bad things happen to good people, bad things that later become a good thing, and how even if you have friends in high places, that doesn’t negate suffering. Suffering the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune is what life is about. As I thought this a Hawk flew across in front of me:

Damn straight.



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