5 card layout using the Druid Animal Oracle cards

Yesterday, I drew out my Oracle cards and with nothing in particular to ask, just told them to provide me with what I needed at this moment. This was done on the same day I had received a package from Michelle so she will understand why some of these cards were significant to have been pulled on the day that box arrived.



1. Fox (self) – Diplomacy and the art of knowing when to speak and when to observe. She’s the animal of smooth and silver tongue, the trickster, and wily. Swiftness with the ability to work around tricky situations. Adaptable even when things have gone wrong. Earth card.

The center of the situation is that after what happened last week, it’s obvious to me that I need to adapt, move on and work around what obstacles this latest event (job loss) will mean. I have the ability to do so and had already decided to take the high road on this (for example, I could apply for unemployment but I have decided not to do so).

2. Raven (east/intellectual) – Initiation – the death of one thing with the birth of another. Protection, the gift of prophecy, and healing. Cunning and intelligence. A creature that flies between the worlds. An audaciousness that usually wins the day. Air card. The east is an area of new growth and beginnings.

#2 card is seated in the reasoning/intellectual area (suggested by the Druid Oracle Layout) so yes, I intellectually understand the death and re-birth cycle and that is was time to go. Intellectually, I can manifest what I need to get what I want done.

Once again, I’m moving through an evolution. This card is in the east location and I take it as a positive affirmation that the time had come to move on and with it, shedding the old and passing through to another experience. With both the Fox and Raven, I feel that I have strong abilities/allies to make it through to where I need to be.

3. Cat (south/sensual) – Patience. Taking the time to judge matters in my own way. Timing is everything. Awareness of the spirit world coupled with sensuality. Independence. The balance of light and dark. Healing from the inside-out. Agility, Flexibility, Curiosity. Earth card. The South location can be about creativity and energy.

Overall, once I recover from the shock/quickness of events, I feel that my natural ego will re-assert itself; I do not feel overall damaged by my former bosses’ opinions of me. I know who I am. I need to understand and appreciate the timing of recent past events but also the patience in waiting for desired, future outcomes. Things will not happen right away – I need to know when to spring for the mouse; take the waiting in stride and do it with relaxed grace.

4. Stag (west/emotional) – Majesty and Grace, Strength and Independence. A card for strength and power/protection especially when feeling vulnerable. Earth card. The west can be the location for endings (setting sun) but also our emotional world.

I do feel a bit vulnerable and I think I need to feel that. I need to let the tears happen as it’s part of the healing process. I can’t be afraid of that and having Stag as my guardian here will help me feel protected. Stag, like cat, can be about a majestic independence of spirit and personality.

5. Salmon (north/ – The Oldest Animal, return to our childhood/beginnings for wisdom. Water card. The North is for home so this is very apt.

I had already decided that I needed to self-nurture. I need to return to myself – seek my inner counsel and swim back into waters of very long ago to achieve the sense of home I need. I need to go a long ways back to regain what has been lost on this wayward journey.

Stag and Cat showed up in April 2014 for the card regarding our return to Oklahoma. Fox and Stag when I quit my job previous to this last. Salmon has showed up many times and seems related to our return also.



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