energy diverted

For the last few weeks all my focus has been on my pony, D, who is sick. This means I don’t have a lot of energy or desire to post in the blog, do the business stuff, Pinterest or Facebook.

She’s had hoof issues for over 2 years now. And while we saw some improvement, they never returned to her pre-100%-soundness state. Now her lameness has worsened with a combination of founder-thrush-white line disease.

We’ve soaked her feet with CleanTrax to dispose of the bacterial infection. I wish I had done this when we were back in Missouri. It took almost three hours to do all four feet.


Restricted her to a very small pasture, with a little grain for ponies only to get her supplement, Hoofmax. Pure Hard Surface is the spray to use in-between.

Well this isn’t my horse blog, but the reality is she is about 30 years old pony and this could tip either way. It’s a waiting game so if I’m not responding to email or you don’t see any posts, my concern and worry is being spent elsewhere.


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