Again, Couples Retreat

Back in May, 2013 we had planned on going on a couples retreat (some planning posts are here and here). The trip didn’t happen because after scheduling the cabin, a couple of months later Grenwinae’s job blew out and we decided to move back to Oklahoma.

We’ve rescheduled the cabin for a September weekend and planning has to start all over again:

Dates: Sept 18th to 22nd (Thursday to Monday)
Monday, Sept. 22, is the Autumn Equinox
Waning Crescent, Tuesday is the New Moon

Location: Isolated remote cabin rental on 20 acres of land, includes private river access. About 2 hours away.

Practical matters: Kids will care for the home, but I need someone to feed horses (landowner). I also need to make sure teen daughter wakes up and gets to the bus on Friday and Monday. A big problem is that payday is Friday when we are gone – plans need to be made on how certain bills will be paid/kids have a stocked kitchen.


  • Grenwinae’s Journal and Athena’s  Journal, pencils, extra paper, markers and/or craft paper
  • Athena’s backpack, Whistles (2), Binoculars (2), Tree and Bird ID books, GPS or compass
  • Flashlights (2) with spare batteries, camera with batteries and charging cord
  • Basic first aid kit with medicines (Aleve, Zyrtec, bandaids, tweezers, nail clippers)
  • Water clothes and shoes.
  • Star locator software (Grenwinaes phone).
  • Massage oil, body paint/crayons, Tantra books
  • Archery equipment?
  • MP3 player and player
  • Ground cloth/blanket and Yoga Mats, Sleeping bags/air mattress?
  • Plant clippers and/or knife.
  • Tarot cards, bells, whistles, music makers, sage and lavender bundles, incense and lighter, matches, salt, “cauldrons”, sand, Birdseed offering, etc..
  • Make a complete list for each ceremony so we can doublecheck. Once we get there, there is no going to the store!

This is the first vacation we have taken for I don’t know how many years. We have sometimes taken a weekend here and there but usually to take care of some sort of business (seeing family, closing the house etc…).

There will definitely be a ceremony for closing out our time in Missouri so time to reflect on what was gained when we were there will be a part of our trip. With the moon cycle, probably more of a time to let go and remove things magickally and the last day start to build towards a new intention.

I don’t want to go into too many details but we will be ending a major cycle next December and will plan a different type of trip at that time. I’ll post more details as it evolves.


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