all will be well

Earlier this week, I had a dream about horses. It ended with a clear message: CALL THE VET. I didn’t want too. I didn’t want to hear a death sentence, but after a day of not wanting too,  finally called and set an appointment Friday morning for her to come out.

Thursday was my birthday and I had a beautiful dream of my deceased horse, P. It was crystal clear sharp and I knew when I woke up all would be fine.

The vet was out here today and definitely thinks it is white line disease (which is really an infection that causes the white line to separate).  She went over with Grenwinae how she wants D’s hooves trimmed and thinks there will be a very good outcome.

D looked brighter and walked better than she has since this has all begun.

On the way home from the barn, passed a hawk sitting on a telephone poll overlooking his vast domain. I bid him welcome and he turned and looked at me as we passed, acknowledging my greeting.


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