so you want a pagan community….

Why is it that whenever I read the demand that WE as a “pagan community” wants/need ABC, the idea is being promoted by someone who has done absolutely nothing in founding a pagan community?

Why is it that I hear of ME WANT and very little of WE WANT in these cries?

If you want a pagan community let me recommend some basic 101 steps:

1.) join or start a local pagan community meet up group. None of the people who have posted that WE (who is this we they are writing about?) NEED A PAGAN COMMUNITY!!!! has ever posted that they meet locally with a pagan social group.

Until you show up (or start one yourself) a pagan meet up, I have zero faith in you managing a community that is more then one person. You have no idea of how groups behave, how to form one, how to facilitate one, or how to lead. You are listening to the voices in your head – and those voices are not a WE no matter what they tell you.

Online pagan communities are completely different than one that meets in person. Until you can meet in person, physical goals such as buying land, building temples, or even have a damn hotdog cookout isn’t going to happen!

2.) stop telling the community what YOU want and listen to what a COMMUNITY WANTS. I have read a lot of fantasy posts about what the community needs as perceived by ONE person. Puhlease! You do not speak for me. You do not speak for anyone but yourself and your own selfish needs – go back and read NO. 1 in this 101 series!

Again, none of these “we need a pagan community” folks have stated that a group of people meeting in person have made a decision that they have found a need to be fulfilled. You are spouting nonsense!

Well, I might lose a few readers here but truly folks GET A CLUE!

1.) form a group

2.) have the group, after problem solving, team building, and growth development, form ONE GOAL based on group consensus.

3.) achieve ONE GOAL as a GROUP. Wash and repeat.

Until you do the above, please don’t gnash your teeth and pull out hair, mourning that the PAGAN COMMUNITY needs anything!


2 thoughts on “so you want a pagan community….

  1. I see ‘community’ as being us – all Pagans, all traditions. We’re all connected in spirit, so that’s what I think of when I use the term. However, I understand that even though there is an ‘us’, we’re not always going to agree with one another or want the same things. Folks who claim to speak for all of us, simply put, aren’t. I’ve blogged about this myself (sort of), in terms of the type of community I’d love to start if I had the funds and space, but by no means do I think this desire is universal to Pagans as a whole. Maybe we elected a spokesperson and I’m not aware of it. Did I miss a memo? :o)

    1. LOL. Been cranky this week so hence the post. I think forming communities is great because we need support to feed our energy, however, I get tired of individuals stating what we need. I’ve worked with groups, facilitated groups, and have been with governmental groups with inter-agencies needing to come together.

      What individuals don’t realize is it takes quite a of bit of skill to bring a group together and work towards one goal. The biggest factor it takes to succeed is being willing to set aside personal desires and listen to what a group comes up with. Because of ego, individuals who have seen themselves as a leader, suddenly realize the group itself has a quite different agenda.

      To form real communities, the community itself must determine it’s goals. 🙂

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