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Air Dragon & Air Elementals

AreyoumymotherJust like I thought, I’ve been seeing animals everywhere and thinking: are you my next Guide? It’s as bad as that Are you my Mother? book.

I’ve gone through Peacocks – than the Phoenix as an off shoot from that. A Chipmunk, Cardinals, turtles, and butterflies. None of them seem quite right. It’s kinda driving me crazy.


During our retreat, I was telling Grenwinae, that I felt Wind/Air was trying to communicate with me as an Elemental.

This feeling started up when we were still in Missouri. Whenever I would be doing a ceremony, the wind would kick up at key times (down at the river, when I was honoring the dead Owl, when I meditated in the backyard wondering if Grenwinae would return, and even during the retreat when I cast out the money herbs the wind kicked up).

Air Dragon has showed up several times during the Druid Oracle card layouts. It was the day after the above conversation with him, that I received the Someone Will Come message, and the Air Dragon appeared.

I really don’t know if I could handle an Air Elemental (eeek). OTOH my feeling during the message was that the helper would not be human or animal. I definitely do not want a God/Goddess – that would really give me a torn feeling between my conscious beliefs and my path – which is probably why that is what is going to happen.

Which is even more scary!


One thing I do not like about this deck (Druid Animal Oracle) is the very little information that is provided on each card. Instead most of the material is about retelling Celtic myths and folklore. It leaves you hanging a bit as to interpretation – and like all the Oracle card decks I’ve dealt with – the more you use the deck and the more you open your intuition to the symbols, the better your track record on getting information you can use from the cards presented.

I also think it takes more time working with an Oracle deck to get a feel for how it interacts with you. This might be why my favorite reader in Springfield, exclusively uses a non-traditional deck to do her readings.


Air Dragon as Messenger and Celtic info on this blog.

Celtic Dragon thoughts

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A beautiful website with thoughts on Air Elementals

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Some interesting ideas about working with Elementals


Owl says I’m doing it right

Yesterday, after feeding horses, we headed up to the Nature Center. This was one of our commitments we made during our retreat – walking the trails at the Nature Center once a week, weather permitting. It’s hard to connect with nature in your backyard, especially when your heart yearns for the wild.

The Nature Center doesn’t impress me and it’s out of our way. It’s why I don’t frequent it very much anymore now that I have left the Girl Scout Troop Leader role way behind me. However, the trip turned out better than I had anticipated.

We sat in one of the strips of open meadow and the land felt more intriguing than I had given it credit for. Despite the airplanes flying overhead (it’s next to an airport 😦 and the people tromping about, there was mystery right under the surface.

Five minutes out, walking through a mixed hardwood forest, a Barred Owl, immediately gave me a shout out – WHO COOKS FOR YOU? It was the closest I’ve heard a call! Although  did not see him, and he didn’t hoot again (by this time it was quite late – around 10:30 a.m.), I felt quite excited. It seemed a validation to our plans.

BTW the noises on this video excited my cats!

Blue Jay agrees with me


Last night I put some herbal tinctures out under the Dark Moon. This morning, before the sun fully rose, I brought them in and later started working up a formula I will be using in a Cinnabarys product that will be debuting this weekend.

As I finished it, I did a little test and said out loud – this is great stuff! and something screamed/cawed outside my kitchen window.

At first I thought it was a hawk, but when I went out to the porch there were too many smaller birds about. I saw someone hopping into one of the trees; it was two Blue Jays. He must have been who agreed with me. BTW Blue Jay can often mimic the sound of hawks.

Looking back over the blog, starting in late August, it seems Blue Jay has been making himself known. Could he be the helper to be sent?

Thank you to Cernunnos


The first day we attempted to walk down to the water. It wasn’t promising as the walk was extremely steep and we gave up. Coming back up the path, Grenwinae jumped in place. Turned out he had put down the toe of his sandal on a SNAKE! The poor snake didn’t even attack him but slithered off into the under brush.

Was it because the snake just had the tip of the sandal on his back and didn’t immediately react?

Was it because Grenwinae was wearing his Cernunnos medallion (scroll down) I had gifted him last Christmas?

Whatever the reason I was really, really thankful because I’m pretty sure it was a poisonous snake, specifically a baby Copperhead.

Important Safety Tip Egon: when hiking in the woods, wear boots to the water and carry your water sandals.

Coming Back ~ Couples Retreat


This is a multi-part posting – the latest post is seen first, so if you want to go time-wise scroll down and start at the first post (4th back): Couples Retreat: Pineville, MO.

Sunday we thought we would leave for the day and visit a nearby State Park. About 15 minutes on the trip and I had a really strong feeling we needed to turn around and go back to where we were staying. It felt like a solid weight in my stomach and it just got worse the more distance we traveled.

Luckily, Grenwinae had no problem with making that adjustment. I had decided on this trip to make an effort to be more intuitive and I think this really paid off in this instance.

As soon as we turned back we started seeing a lot of Vultures. I spotted one on the top of a telephone pole, his wings spread out like they do to dry them.When we got back, a Vulture flew overhead for the first time since our visit.


The last day and I decided to leave my Vulture feathers (without their beads or leather smudging handles) in the bowl of feathers in the cottage we rented. It was wrenching to let go of them as they were my first animal gift.

Outside, Grenwinae led our final goodbye and as he finished, a Vulture flew right over us, coming from my back – very low (maybe 12 feet above) and I knew I had done the right thing in releasing the feathers. It choked me up a bit…

At the gate a group of four Vultures flew overhead again, circling and giving their blessing on the return journey.


We deliberately left a bit early so we would have plenty of time to take it slow. This was probably the first trip return where I didn’t feel anxious or antsy to return. Because of the calm and peace, we decided (on impulse) to stop at this little state park that turned out to be quite something!


Someone will come ~ Couples Retreat


I walked up the gravel drive – it was strangely the opposite of another walk into the darkness done over a 18 months ago where I had begun this journey – where I entered the  National Forest – the unknown, the febrile dark – to give a thank you for the gift of two Vulture feathers.

Now my walk was upward. I chose a place under the shadow of the trees and settled down. The first problem I had was my Palo Santo would not light. It took me many tries before I got it burning and started a chant I had planned:

The Life that was Before
Is no more.
What we toiled for
Sent us through another Door.
The cord is cut
The rope is frayed
Shed and Dead.
It could not Last
We release it Now
And give it a Bow
Farewell (3 times)

When I got to the line about release, the Palo Santo went dead out. Okay. This isn’t going as planned… I quieted my mind and put out a call, holding my Vulture and Owl in my hands. No answer.

Hello? Anyone out there? I had this big meditation thing planned where I would be sobbing and crying over the past in order to release it and the only thing that has shown up here is crickets, cicadas and frogs. I think someone here is falling down on their JOB!

I used my Vulture feathers, running the tips across my face – they smelled faintly of Grandma’s cedar box where I stored them. I had the sense that these feathers, collected from the National Forest across from our old Missouri home, were done with their work. It was time to cast them out and replace them.

Faintly like a whisper: you’ve done the releasing – that is over – stop trying to do more “letting go!” I was given the impression to prepare for a new stage – one of growth.

I was puzzled as to why none of my animal guides seemed present. I had only seen one Vulture this entire trip and that was right as we started out from Oklahoma. No hawks. Some very faint, far away Owl hoots.

Again an answer: someone (new) will be sent for this work.

Again, I tried to light the Palo Santo and it refused – a bit irked.

You are done here! No more is needed (didn’t I get the memo!)! 

I said thank you and headed back to the house. At the fire, I pulled this reading from the Druid Animal Oracle Cards:

Hawk reversed (my animal guide blocked!) ~
Be balanced in your outlook – not too wide, not too close.

Owl reversed (another animal guide blocked!) ~
be active in the world. New beginnings.

Air Dragon ~ Intuition and creative flashes. Insight and Clarity. A messenger.

Now Monkey Mind quickly followed:

1.) WOULD “someone” show up? What if no one did???

2.) Would I RECOGNIZE it when it did?! What if I’m not paying enough attention?

3.) What if it isn’t something I LIKED? Please don’t be that Praying Mantis that was trapped in the house and than was on the fire pit circle.

4.) What if it doesn’t WORK???

Clean Sweep ~ Couples Retreat

The purpose of the retreat was to release what was old and not of any use – and ask for wisdom for the new, particularly some money we are expecting in December.

The money herb mixture I made for Grenwinae’s job hunt was dispersed into the woods with proper recognition ~

Herb Money, done your deed
Got a job, sowed the seed.
From seed to sapling
It grew with your Power.
We will continue
To nourish the Flower.
Thank you for your effort
On our behalf.
Now we cast you wide and out
For you to feed
Another’s need.

A shaker of salt was left by our former troublesome boarder. Renting a room in our house helped us when we were making two house payments but the first roommate was quite a piece of work.

The room had been cleansed right after he left; and the house has already been cleansed etc… However, that little salt shaker still needed to go! That energy needed to be vanquished ~

Letting go
Of the Old
Of the Tired
No Longer Needed
Or Required.
(this verse we did three times, you can clap or shout at the end for emphasis)

Grenwinae cut up his former library cards, ID etc… that were left from Missouri. As part of my work, I cut up my pair of scrubs – I won’t be working anymore for anyone else, particularly in the veterinary field. The last 18 months have shown to me that its thankless hard work that might have suited me 10 years ago but not now.

Cutting them into strips – ruining the cloths – making sure every circle, every pocket was cut open – did provide me some mental release an easing of my mind, and a weight off my shoulders.

Afterwards, I went off into the dark to do a meditation and to ask for guidance…

Couples Retreat ~ Pineville, Missouri

Thursday wasn’t a good day. We were preparing for a trip that I had decided I didn’t want to go on. This is a problem with planning vacations: I plan it, the money is tight, and I feel so worried about it that I become frustrated and angry.

This vacation retreat had actually been planned a year ago – so lovingly – and we didn’t go – adding to my trapped anger.

But than Friday morning it seemed everything was being smoothed out to make our path easier. It was like everything was falling into place: we had more in the bank than I expected from the paycheck, the car repair was $200 less than we were initially told; two bills I had planned on paying, showed a zero balance when I called the business office; and the packing went smoothly.

We arrived safely and well before dark. The house was lovely. The stormy weather only happened one day and was over by 9 a.m.

Once we arrived I realized that many of the plans we made for this trip would not have worked out. The forest was not very accessible (very dense undergrowth), the property not as large or as private as I envisioned, and the path to the water was very difficult. Even so I found myself being able to adjust to these problems and was able to let it go.

We burned in the fire pit a blue candle for healing and peace on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning was cleaning out the fire pit and the house, preparing to leave.


Working on Abundance

I’m working on some Money Magic. Interesting is that the phrase: “money spells that really work fast” is the top search term when looking up money spells! LOL! Wonder why?

We will be (if things go right) gaining some money in December. We can’t save it – too much needs to be done and the house is falling apart. However, I do want to make wise decisions in what we decide to do with it. And it would help if it is a bit more than we expect (wink to the Universe).

Of all the spells I’ve done, the job spell with the candle worked the best. Grenwinae got a fantastic job and although he had to take a pay cut, he has since regained almost all of his lost salary and is working with people who respect his abilities.

So I’m looking over some money spells and thinking over how I’ll make it my own (here’s some from Pinterest):

Prosperity Spell (Wiccan oriented) uses Basil, Chamomile, and Sage.

Money Charm Spell uses a green bag, gold thread, uses Saffron, Borage, Lavender and Allspice. Three silver coins and the gemstones: citrine, aventurine, pyrite, and peridot.

Abundance Spell with goblet, silver coin and water.

Money Spell Bottle with coins, dried corn, sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves, Allspice and pecans.

Money Jar Spell with coins and Bay leaves.

Cash Flow Problems with Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Basil, Patchouli and Vervain.

More spells can be found here – if you look them over you start seeing commonalities such as the colors green, gold and silver; coins or paper money, and certain herbal ingredients.

Candle Colors – gold and green for obvious reasons. For the third candle – Blue for healing, wisdom and protection? Maybe a purple candle to aid our intuition? Or a gray candle for balance and neutrality? I think I lean towards blue…

Time – Noon would be a good time of the day. Saturday or Sunday (a bit better) would be good days of the week during our trip.  The Moon is waning so I will focus on making a new cycle, and planning ahead (this money doesn’t happen until December).

Herbs and Essential Oils – these are affiliated with prosperity, abundance or money. Alfalfa, Allspice, Basil, Bay Leaves, Benzoin, Bergamot, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Geranium, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Patchouli and Rosemary.

Some of these are also associated with business, home, or prophecy. What you would choose would be influenced by what you are trying to achieve: success in a court case is a far different choice, than success in love.

Most of these funds will be spent on improving the house, paying off old debt, and to provide for the two children things they need (daughter wants to go on a school trip to Costa Rica).

So we are letting go and planning for something new. I will definitely be using candles, a chant, and gold coins. Any suggestions?

rabbit has a bisy day

When leaving the barn Saturday, a Vulture was sitting on the pipe fencing at the entrance. He looked at us a bit nervously, and I didn’t get a clear message except I did respond: Yes, I know I haven’t cleaned up the meditation/altar yet! Yes, I know I promised! Yes, I will get to it!

Running an errand, we saw several other vultures. I think a change is coming – it’s in the air.


The weather has turned overnight – we are now in the 70’s and 80’s (from over 100 degrees) and the fall rains have started. It is time to get busy.


I worked on the kitchen. I am going through cabinets and have made a registry list on Bed Bath and Beyond as to what appliances need replacing (toaster, waffle maker). Many things have just worn out over time or was never quality to begin with. It is supremely irritating that we are less one fork in setting the table!

Went through with Grenwinae and decided on what size square/rectangle containers were needed for storing baking supplies. This shape is so we can stack them in a smaller space and replaces glass containers. It will also allow us to store back pre-made baking mixes (i.e. pancakes, waffles, brownies etc…). My label machine is out of tape; the printer out of ink – it’s on the to-do list.

I put back the canned jams, marking out the ones that will be given as gifts come the holidays. Cleaned off the syrup from the stacking racks for cans that sit in the pantry. Reorganized the upper cabinets that have never been back to shape since our return to the house. Dumped off recycling to the recycling center.

I pulled out the recycled glass jars we’ve kept, threw some out for recycling and cleaned all the spaghetti jars in preparation for becoming herbal tincture jars. In cleaning off labels this is what I’ve found…

Step One (three options):

A. You can try boiling off the labels (this is okay but really is a first step. I didn’t find it any more helpful than running through a hot dishwasher).

B. Use a hot bath in the sink with 1 scoop of Oxy Clean. This works well for cheap labels – mostly price stickers.

C. Use a hot bath in the sink with 1 Tbsp dishwasher soap, 1/2 cup Baking Soda, and 2 cups Vinegar. I’ve found this the best for removing labels and the majority of glue.

Step Two: Using Goo Gone (the homemade Goo Gone recipes you see on Pinterest simply don’t work; don’t bother wasting your time), I scrub it over the glass surface with an abrasive scrub sponge. This removes the last of all the glue.

Step Three: Run through the dishwasher for a final rinse and sterilize.

Even so, one spaghetti label still refused to come off! I tossed it into the recycling bin – too much effort!

I moved all my business items upstairs to the 4th bedroom. This will become a creative center so I’m on the hunt for a desk and some shelf units. It will be nice to have everything in one spot and not all over the house!

Still much to do – but the 6 book boxes are donated to the library (still some book stragglers to decide upon); and the music has been ripped to digital and donated away (still some stragglers here); but I haven’t had time to go through photos or tapes yet. Probably that will have to wait until we return from our retreat/vacation which starts this Friday.