Some things accomplished

We did get some things done this weekend despite all my anger and self righteousness.

The pony D trotted Monday – and she did a little rear when she thought the other pony was going to steal her food. She has turned the health corner and is looking good; both ponies have slimmed up because I have kept them off grass though this takes more self care as I have to go out and feed them hay.

The vet will be out this coming Friday and I need Coggins’ papers on all four; a wellness check on my retired Thoroughbred (clean his sheath too); vaccinations for Z and the newer pony since I don’t know her history; and teeth done on the TB and Z.

Grenwinae tried some canning projects Saturday. Learning to can has been on our list these last three years but we didn’t have the time or the materials. We will try some more next weekend though the season for fruit is starting to end.

Son came downstairs and could not believe you could make your own jam (rolls eyes). We are focused on learning to do only fruit this year because it is easy using the hot water bath method.

We sorted through the closet located in the upstairs extra bedroom. I don’t understand why we are still throwing things out – I would have thought the double-move would have taken care of that! However, some things just continue to evolve.

Much more has to be done there but now I can get in there and access boxes and start further keep-trash sorting. One of my goals is to have all the photos sorted by the years end so I can begin scanning photos into a digital format.

Grenwinae and I talked over plans for the Next Big Move – target date for this house to go up for sale is March 2018 and land shopping to start in 2017. That sound far too long for me but a lot will be happening in terms of major life changes in that span – Son will graduate from college; Daughter will graduate from high school and start college; and the house has a lot of work to be done to ready it for sale.

We have decided to use half of his December bonus to start the repairs on the house. The other half to pay towards bills. This will allow us to do major repairs on the outside exterior, repaint the house, blow in attic insulation, update termite protection, fix two windows and install a new wooden floor in the family room. We also need a new refrigerator by years end.

Probably reading all of this is boring for you 🙂 but sometimes I have to write it down what we’ve gotten done because all too often it seems we’ve gotten nothing done. It’s just a snails crawl…


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