rabbit has a bisy day

When leaving the barn Saturday, a Vulture was sitting on the pipe fencing at the entrance. He looked at us a bit nervously, and I didn’t get a clear message except I did respond: Yes, I know I haven’t cleaned up the meditation/altar yet! Yes, I know I promised! Yes, I will get to it!

Running an errand, we saw several other vultures. I think a change is coming – it’s in the air.


The weather has turned overnight – we are now in the 70’s and 80’s (from over 100 degrees) and the fall rains have started. It is time to get busy.


I worked on the kitchen. I am going through cabinets and have made a registry list on Bed Bath and Beyond as to what appliances need replacing (toaster, waffle maker). Many things have just worn out over time or was never quality to begin with. It is supremely irritating that we are less one fork in setting the table!

Went through with Grenwinae and decided on what size square/rectangle containers were needed for storing baking supplies. This shape is so we can stack them in a smaller space and replaces glass containers. It will also allow us to store back pre-made baking mixes (i.e. pancakes, waffles, brownies etc…). My label machine is out of tape; the printer out of ink – it’s on the to-do list.

I put back the canned jams, marking out the ones that will be given as gifts come the holidays. Cleaned off the syrup from the stacking racks for cans that sit in the pantry. Reorganized the upper cabinets that have never been back to shape since our return to the house. Dumped off recycling to the recycling center.

I pulled out the recycled glass jars we’ve kept, threw some out for recycling and cleaned all the spaghetti jars in preparation for becoming herbal tincture jars. In cleaning off labels this is what I’ve found…

Step One (three options):

A. You can try boiling off the labels (this is okay but really is a first step. I didn’t find it any more helpful than running through a hot dishwasher).

B. Use a hot bath in the sink with 1 scoop of Oxy Clean. This works well for cheap labels – mostly price stickers.

C. Use a hot bath in the sink with 1 Tbsp dishwasher soap, 1/2 cup Baking Soda, and 2 cups Vinegar. I’ve found this the best for removing labels and the majority of glue.

Step Two: Using Goo Gone (the homemade Goo Gone recipes you see on Pinterest simply don’t work; don’t bother wasting your time), I scrub it over the glass surface with an abrasive scrub sponge. This removes the last of all the glue.

Step Three: Run through the dishwasher for a final rinse and sterilize.

Even so, one spaghetti label still refused to come off! I tossed it into the recycling bin – too much effort!

I moved all my business items upstairs to the 4th bedroom. This will become a creative center so I’m on the hunt for a desk and some shelf units. It will be nice to have everything in one spot and not all over the house!

Still much to do – but the 6 book boxes are donated to the library (still some book stragglers to decide upon); and the music has been ripped to digital and donated away (still some stragglers here); but I haven’t had time to go through photos or tapes yet. Probably that will have to wait until we return from our retreat/vacation which starts this Friday.


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