Clean Sweep ~ Couples Retreat

The purpose of the retreat was to release what was old and not of any use – and ask for wisdom for the new, particularly some money we are expecting in December.

The money herb mixture I made for Grenwinae’s job hunt was dispersed into the woods with proper recognition ~

Herb Money, done your deed
Got a job, sowed the seed.
From seed to sapling
It grew with your Power.
We will continue
To nourish the Flower.
Thank you for your effort
On our behalf.
Now we cast you wide and out
For you to feed
Another’s need.

A shaker of salt was left by our former troublesome boarder. Renting a room in our house helped us when we were making two house payments but the first roommate was quite a piece of work.

The room had been cleansed right after he left; and the house has already been cleansed etc… However, that little salt shaker still needed to go! That energy needed to be vanquished ~

Letting go
Of the Old
Of the Tired
No Longer Needed
Or Required.
(this verse we did three times, you can clap or shout at the end for emphasis)

Grenwinae cut up his former library cards, ID etc… that were left from Missouri. As part of my work, I cut up my pair of scrubs – I won’t be working anymore for anyone else, particularly in the veterinary field. The last 18 months have shown to me that its thankless hard work that might have suited me 10 years ago but not now.

Cutting them into strips – ruining the cloths – making sure every circle, every pocket was cut open – did provide me some mental release an easing of my mind, and a weight off my shoulders.

Afterwards, I went off into the dark to do a meditation and to ask for guidance…


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