Coming Back ~ Couples Retreat


This is a multi-part posting – the latest post is seen first, so if you want to go time-wise scroll down and start at the first post (4th back): Couples Retreat: Pineville, MO.

Sunday we thought we would leave for the day and visit a nearby State Park. About 15 minutes on the trip and I had a really strong feeling we needed to turn around and go back to where we were staying. It felt like a solid weight in my stomach and it just got worse the more distance we traveled.

Luckily, Grenwinae had no problem with making that adjustment. I had decided on this trip to make an effort to be more intuitive and I think this really paid off in this instance.

As soon as we turned back we started seeing a lot of Vultures. I spotted one on the top of a telephone pole, his wings spread out like they do to dry them.When we got back, a Vulture flew overhead for the first time since our visit.


The last day and I decided to leave my Vulture feathers (without their beads or leather smudging handles) in the bowl of feathers in the cottage we rented. It was wrenching to let go of them as they were my first animal gift.

Outside, Grenwinae led our final goodbye and as he finished, a Vulture flew right over us, coming from my back – very low (maybe 12 feet above) and I knew I had done the right thing in releasing the feathers. It choked me up a bit…

At the gate a group of four Vultures flew overhead again, circling and giving their blessing on the return journey.


We deliberately left a bit early so we would have plenty of time to take it slow. This was probably the first trip return where I didn’t feel anxious or antsy to return. Because of the calm and peace, we decided (on impulse) to stop at this little state park that turned out to be quite something!



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