Couples Retreat ~ Pineville, Missouri

Thursday wasn’t a good day. We were preparing for a trip that I had decided I didn’t want to go on. This is a problem with planning vacations: I plan it, the money is tight, and I feel so worried about it that I become frustrated and angry.

This vacation retreat had actually been planned a year ago – so lovingly – and we didn’t go – adding to my trapped anger.

But than Friday morning it seemed everything was being smoothed out to make our path easier. It was like everything was falling into place: we had more in the bank than I expected from the paycheck, the car repair was $200 less than we were initially told; two bills I had planned on paying, showed a zero balance when I called the business office; and the packing went smoothly.

We arrived safely and well before dark. The house was lovely. The stormy weather only happened one day and was over by 9 a.m.

Once we arrived I realized that many of the plans we made for this trip would not have worked out. The forest was not very accessible (very dense undergrowth), the property not as large or as private as I envisioned, and the path to the water was very difficult. Even so I found myself being able to adjust to these problems and was able to let it go.

We burned in the fire pit a blue candle for healing and peace on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning was cleaning out the fire pit and the house, preparing to leave.



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