Thank you to Cernunnos


The first day we attempted to walk down to the water. It wasn’t promising as the walk was extremely steep and we gave up. Coming back up the path, Grenwinae jumped in place. Turned out he had put down the toe of his sandal on a SNAKE! The poor snake didn’t even attack him but slithered off into the under brush.

Was it because the snake just had the tip of the sandal on his back and didn’t immediately react?

Was it because Grenwinae was wearing his Cernunnos medallion (scroll down) I had gifted him last Christmas?

Whatever the reason I was really, really thankful because I’m pretty sure it was a poisonous snake, specifically a baby Copperhead.

Important Safety Tip Egon: when hiking in the woods, wear boots to the water and carry your water sandals.


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