Owl says I’m doing it right

Yesterday, after feeding horses, we headed up to the Nature Center. This was one of our commitments we made during our retreat – walking the trails at the Nature Center once a week, weather permitting. It’s hard to connect with nature in your backyard, especially when your heart yearns for the wild.

The Nature Center doesn’t impress me and it’s out of our way. It’s why I don’t frequent it very much anymore now that I have left the Girl Scout Troop Leader role way behind me. However, the trip turned out better than I had anticipated.

We sat in one of the strips of open meadow and the land felt more intriguing than I had given it credit for. Despite the airplanes flying overhead (it’s next to an airport 😦 and the people tromping about, there was mystery right under the surface.

Five minutes out, walking through a mixed hardwood forest, a Barred Owl, immediately gave me a shout out – WHO COOKS FOR YOU? It was the closest I’ve heard a call! Although  did not see him, and he didn’t hoot again (by this time it was quite late – around 10:30 a.m.), I felt quite excited. It seemed a validation to our plans.

BTW the noises on this video excited my cats!


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