Air Dragon & Air Elementals

AreyoumymotherJust like I thought, I’ve been seeing animals everywhere and thinking: are you my next Guide? It’s as bad as that Are you my Mother? book.

I’ve gone through Peacocks – than the Phoenix as an off shoot from that. A Chipmunk, Cardinals, turtles, and butterflies. None of them seem quite right. It’s kinda driving me crazy.


During our retreat, I was telling Grenwinae, that I felt Wind/Air was trying to communicate with me as an Elemental.

This feeling started up when we were still in Missouri. Whenever I would be doing a ceremony, the wind would kick up at key times (down at the river, when I was honoring the dead Owl, when I meditated in the backyard wondering if Grenwinae would return, and even during the retreat when I cast out the money herbs the wind kicked up).

Air Dragon has showed up several times during the Druid Oracle card layouts. It was the day after the above conversation with him, that I received the Someone Will Come message, and the Air Dragon appeared.

I really don’t know if I could handle an Air Elemental (eeek). OTOH my feeling during the message was that the helper would not be human or animal. I definitely do not want a God/Goddess – that would really give me a torn feeling between my conscious beliefs and my path – which is probably why that is what is going to happen.

Which is even more scary!


One thing I do not like about this deck (Druid Animal Oracle) is the very little information that is provided on each card. Instead most of the material is about retelling Celtic myths and folklore. It leaves you hanging a bit as to interpretation – and like all the Oracle card decks I’ve dealt with – the more you use the deck and the more you open your intuition to the symbols, the better your track record on getting information you can use from the cards presented.

I also think it takes more time working with an Oracle deck to get a feel for how it interacts with you. This might be why my favorite reader in Springfield, exclusively uses a non-traditional deck to do her readings.


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