Seasoning Cast Iron with Flax Seed Oil

I’m cleaning my cast iron, Dutch Oven today as I need it for that Abundance Spell I told you about ( a week back or so). In the past I’ve always used just vegetable oil, but this time around I’m doing it with Flax Seed Oil.

1.) To clean out the debris, I’ve put it in my self-cleaning oven and started the clean cycle. I’ve set it upside down on the rack (the rack can darken if left in during this; just be aware). This takes about 3 hours to complete and will bake off pretty much anything into ash.

Took almost everything off; did have a thin layer of rust because I had left it on the porch during the flurry of moving.

2.) To get rid of rust, I’ve let the lid soak in a solution of 1/2 White Vinegar to 1/2 water for anywhere from 1-4 hours. Vinegar can eat away at your cast iron so keep an eye on what you are doing and remove once it’s ready to scrub.

Scrub off any remaining rust and than immediately give a light coat of oil (it will try to return to rusting if you don’t). Set in a warm oven (200 degrees for about 30 minutes) to completely dry before proceeding.

Soaked it for about 1 1/2 hours and 98% of the rust came off with some scrubbing. The rust around the handle joint was tricky to scrub.

3.) Re-season with Flax Seed Oil. The key is a very light but thorough coat all over, inside and out, handle and lid etc… Coat every surface. Bake for 30 minutes in a 500 degree oven.

When removing from the oven these will be HOT! Use thick oven mitts and set down on a heat safe surface. Cool enough to re-apply another coat and return to the oven. Repeat 4-7 times.

In the past I only did one coat and I don’t think it was seasoned enough. It quickly became dirty again despite being cleaned right after using for cooking. So this time, I did this 5 times.

The house can get smoky and stinky; some people have used their BBQ grill to do this but I don’t have that type of temperature control on my grill so the oven was used. You might also want to turn off the smoke detector 🙂 (of course turn it back on when done).

For complete details check this blog post out.

As you can see this is going to be an all day process. That’s part of my working because this abundance spell is about paying attention and giving care, but also increments or layers in order to increase our savings. I won’t go into all the details of it but I will share some in the next post I do.

Coopers Hawk showed up just as I was about to step outside to do another scrub! He has a pattern of arrival: from the NE corner, over the house roof, and down to the SW corner of the back fence. I think this is where he likes to hunt off the neighbor’s bird feeder. Natural Born Killer just as nature intended.


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