Crow paralyzes Rabbit

I often see birds – Red Tail Hawks, yesterday I saw probably a Cooper who flew across the road (the same day I saw a Cooper in my backyard), and even an Owl during one dusk. When Grenwinae and I were discussing the plans for the new house (to be built after we sell this one in 4 years), two Turkey Vultures spiraled above us during the entire conversation.

Yet, my interactions, while profound, with Owl, Vulture and Hawk did not prepare for me this.

I noticed the black bird pretty quickly. He was up in the air, to the right and in front of my car. He was flying in a jerking manner and as I watched, he folded his wings, and dive bombed to the pavement right in front of my path. I had slowed the car to watch him so stopped it (checked and no one was behind me).

First he flew low across from right to left, crossed back left to right, and again right to left, before he landed in the middle of the road. He picked up a few little pebbles, dropped them, taking his time to pick up another one and eyeing me all the time.

He cocked his head and took me in with his gimlet eye: weighing and measuring. There was quite a bit of intelligence there and for the first time I was really struck – I mean floored. It wasn’t a crow, it was Crow.

This doesn’t sound very scary. But it was absolutely frightening. I think if I had suddenly met up with a wolf, I couldn’t have been more shocked. I was paralyzed Rabbit. My heart was pounding like crazy and my mind a complete blank.

Just though I’d look you over

Been hearing some about you.

In a few moments, a car came up behind me and I told Him we would have to continue the conversation later.

Before I could pull away, the phone buzzed me. Grenwinae had just mailed off the package to our first Etsy customer.


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