weird shadows

Driving out to the barn, I came up on a opossum who seemed a bit confused. He kept trotting along the road instead of crossing. I slowed the car down to protect him from being hit from behind until he made up his mind.

I think it was the wet from the rain – he just didn’t want to get into the grass. I cautioned him very strongly that being on the road was really a dangerous idea. Eventually, he found a spot and gingerly stepped back into the wet woods.

Another incident on the way out was some sort of huge black shadow that flew off to my right. It wasn’t a bird. It moved like a sheet in the wind and disappeared. …. Okay.

On the way home, I sometimes take a very scenic mile because it has a lot of pretty woods and houses I would like to live in. Again, something black and shadowy flew off from the right. I was going so slow I know it wasn’t a bird – or really anything living – just a fluttery shadow

This is the kind of weird stuff (including Crows checking me out) that I don’t really expect to have in my mundane, ordinary life. Not sure what it was all about. Not sure I will find out. Though I heard the Eclipse was supposed to make things a bit weird today.

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