Eihwaz, the rune of transition

I don’t know much at all about Runes. I do know that Grenwinae was told by someone very experienced with Runes that you better be careful as it is a deep study that can really screw with your mind. However, I think I’ll be okay if I just examine one Rune and think upon it’s symbolic meaning for my journaling endeavor. 🙂


Cauldrons and Cupcakes posted Eihwaz, the rune of transition as our Journal prompt this week. Eihawz is the 13th rune (and coincides with the 13th Tarot card which is Death). Both have the letting go, dying of something to give way, must let go of what is not needed to grow themes.

I really like the definition I found here:

EIHWAZ:  Defense, Striving
Although you are facing a trial, you are protected. The skill you most need lies in trusting that protection.  Unforeseeable power and wisdom await you if you avoid panic or precipitous overreactions. Be strong, and judiciously bold, and no harm should come to you. This is the Rune of TESTING.

The Labyrinth is a two way passage and in my case, I’ve done the death work for the transition to happen – I’m climbing out of the darkness but now I have to know how to live in the world.  Strangely enough, existing in the transition is proving to be emotionally challenging because it means taking what you learned from the Underworld (the center of the Labyrinths’ journey) and merging that knowledge into the secular world.


The time in Missouri was the time for death and letting go — but now we have returned to our “real world” in Oklahoma and have to understand that we are not the same and life will not be the same even though it is easy to fall back into patterns and habits (being in the same home makes it too easy for this to happen).

Part of this has to not allowing life to be sucked into those old patterns and to allow new growth to happen, which is tremendously hard for me on so many levels.

1.) Holding onto old habits means existing in a safe rut. It’s the Devil You Know. I’ve become gun-shy over the last two decades waiting for the axe to fall as it has too many times with disastrous results – loss of money, financial instability, loss of job, loss of friendships, and even death in one instance.

2.) Holding onto old hurts allows me to nurse my anger and frustration – which is really about disavowing responsibility. If I grip that events out of my control hold me back, than I cannot be held responsible for not achieving what I want. It’s someone/thing else’s fault.

3.) Change in the past has often been disheartening, leading to frustrating dead ends (i.e. my last three paid jobs were dead ends for sure). It’s hard to keep putting yourself out there. The wheels have been spinning but with no progress. It’s hard to believe things will change – so the number one thing I need to do is CONVINCE MYSELF THAT CHANGE FOR THE GOOD WILL HAPPEN.

Here is my roadmap:

1.) Plan time just to have fun (1x a month) outside of town (I need to get out of Tulsa where too many old habits/energy still remains) or even just find a different place to go in Tulsa (i.e. different restaurant, store, neighborhood, art/craft festival, farmers market etc…).

This will be a challenge because of old patterns of behavior: “It’s too much trouble; let’s just stay home” mentality. Being exposed to new places though is one major key in stimulating a long term marriage. I’m not getting any younger – when am I going to have fun? When I’m dead?

2.) Plan time (1-2x a month) for road trips where we specifically go for business treasure hunts. This will be fun too – the purpose though is to go further afield than just our backyard. However, I have a ruttish problem of just driving by places because it’s too much trouble to stop.

3.) Plan a retreat/mini-vacation out of town about every 3-4 months. The last one was great – first vacation in about 5 or more years! The effects of peace have lasted longer than I thought. This is a huge priority!

4.) Make creative paper journals for A.) Finances (how are we going to make money to retire but approached in a positive way) and B.) New House. Should be a creative, planning book with lots of pictures, diagrams, fun colors, fantasy dream lists etc….

It’s a creative book – not a To-Do Goal list full of A-B-C on our finances. Also, I think putting this stuff in a 3 dimensional format will encourage the growth and change I want in my mental processes that just telling myself with self-talk is not really accomplishing at the level I want or need.

5.) Health – this weekend buy new shoes and start walking once a day for 20 minutes. Continue our nature walks on the weekends. Try to use my CPAP machine as much as I can tolerate.

6.) Immediate Environment – The mess of moving the two households back to one needs to be sorted and organized. Try to do in mini-installments; set some small goals as big ones become too overwhelming, though I got a huge amount of housework done yesterday so yay for me!

7.) House Repair – We are planning on investing 1/3rd of the Christmas bonus into making needed repairs on the house (exterior paint job, new kitchen faucet, new family room ceiling fan, molding). I’d like to work on a House Spell to take place at that time too. Need to revise our repairs list and prioritize.

NOTE: I will be doing a massive Tarot spread reading on Samhain so I’m holding off pulling cards until we get closer to that time period.


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