Duh-moment and Hawk gives thanks

At the barn was about ready to wrap up and feeding the last horse, when looked up to observe a crow attacking a hawk (probably a Red Tail). The crow stopped attacking when the Hawk moved out of his territory; I’m always amazed at how unconcerned Hawks are when these birds dive and poke at them.

He came towards where I was standing and did a lazy, slow clockwise circle over my car. I thanked him and he flew off. I think this was in reply to me getting my meditation area cleaned up and putting my Hawk feather gift in a prominent area.

Most of my interactions with my Animal Guides is just recognition, no messages. Just a “hey, I’ve noticed you, here’s some support” and my “thanks given” energy returned.


Okay, Duh-moment, on the way home, I realized why Vulture was so prevalent during our time in Missouri. That was the transition time when the Physical was transformed to Spirit. That is why, now, different guides are becoming more prominent.

I knew that but I didn’t know it.

Peacock is definitely wanting my attention and is rather insistent and persistent.


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