Making Art Journals

Continuing with my Journal Challenge Week, I’ll be making some physical art journals using this method (composition book, Liquetex Matte Medium, Gesso) and probably edge the pages with embroidery thread and Washi Tape. I have denied myself art, beauty and reaching out to create because I was too focused on survival; along the way I almost killed off part of myself so it’s time to pull back and do some self-nurturing.


One journal will be about Money/Financial concerns. We have nothing into retirement – yes, it’s scary, very scary. We’ve come up with some plans on how to re-fashion our lives and most of this revolves around money, handling resources, and fostering abundance.

We will need to “think outside the box” and develop our 5-year plan. In five years: repair the house, sell the house, son graduates college, daughter enters college, etc… My goal is that in 5 years we are seeing a profit-income of $1500 per month from other resources than Grenwinaes’ job; an income that can continue from home after Grenwinae retires.


Another journal will be about the New House. In three years the house we are living in will be up for sale, and we will do a major downsize. Our plan is to buy land and build a house (construction for less than $25,000) smaller than 1,000 square feet.

This is the hardest dream for me to actualize as I want it so bad but we have been stopped at every turn from achieving this. I need to transform thinking this is an impossible dream to really seeing/feeling that it will really happen.

As the house repairs continue, and kids move onward in their education it will become more “real” but now is for dreaming and imagining so I will use the journal to fantasize my optimum living environment.

I can think of some ideas for further art journals but I think I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll work on these two over the weekend as it takes some time to put them together and prep them for use.

The key for me here is to engage different parts of the brain through a creative (non-logical), 3-dimesional process (other than typing on a computer). I’m hoping this can bring back some joy and revive the tired, exhausted Spirit I feel I’ve been.


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