The Lion RAWRS!

I’m going through one of my spells – where little things really irritate me. Most – if not all – of all the internet really irritates me. The ignorance, stupidity, lack of common sense, and the round of “I think this way so you should think the same” makes me blow my gasket.

Usually I just make sure I get more alone time, but lately it seems I’m being shadowed by kids, pets or husband every step of the way and for someone who favors the life of a Hermit, it’s like fingernails down a chalkboard. I REALLY need some alone time or heads are going to start falling.


Week 2 of the Journal Challenge has started. I will have to think over this and how I will approach it. I’m in a weird situation when it comes to this topic. I’ve done this work already and dug deep. I know my faults and what causes them. I know how to work around them or to kick them in the ass. Sometimes, I procrastinate on the ass-kicking like the exercise thing (which needs to be addressed this week) but generally, I’m very tuned in to myself because of decades of work.

I wasn’t raised to have low self esteem and lets’ face it I’m a classic Leo. So laying around self-pitying and mentally masturbating about my issues is not my style.  I know for a fact that over thinking what you do wrong can actually cause you to spiral deeper into a depression and prevents action. The only real antidote to in-action is action and action is movement not sitting on your butt over-analyzing why you are a fuck up.

I would rather RAWR it out, rip some poor gazelle’s throat out, and than go lay around (with some great hair) in the sun where everyone can admire my bad-ass ways.


Don’t get me wrong, some people need to really examine their life and find out why they repeat the same patterns of behavior – choosing the same type of man who is an abuser – is the one everyone recognizes but few actually understand how to change that behavior. I’m not in that phase of my life right now.

I don’t want to piss on anyone’s parade and I’ve already discussed the Tiny Home issues (where it’s becoming unrealistic and just outright stupid), but I want to address some things for people who might actually listen:

Living in a small town is NOT for everyone. It sounds romantic but each small town has it’s own “flavor.” I have lived in MANY small towns. The smallest was a population of 100. So please do not tell me that I do not know what I’m talking about. Being a former journalist, I’ve also been a person who covered the city government, school boards and other issues. So yeah, I know a LOT about small town living.

Some can be welcoming to strangers – many are not. Some have a certain crime specialty (i.e. one town had higher robberies of guns; another had a blossoming drug trafficking trade). All of them have issues with offering a variety of work options, so if you and your partner work – you may not find employment or be stuck working for one employer because choice doesn’t exist.

All of them have sacrifices you will need to make. Here are some that I have found very irritating – lack of choice of doctors; lack of hospitals for emergency care; lack of grocery shopping choices (really Wal-mart?); lack of diversity of views (many small towns are populated by very conservative people); and lack of employment opportunities.

If you are wanting to cut back, hey, I agree wholeheartedly and I’m making plans to do so myself. But this is what I suggest (before you really screw up your finances, your career and possibly the relationship with your significant other and kids):

We choose Springfield MO due to a lot of different criteria – population size was one. Smaller than Tulsa, but bigger than the smaller towns I had lived in. It had bookstores, quaint downtown, college town, hospitals, live theater groups, a mall, several of my favorite stores, health food stores, farmers market and was located near a lot of beautiful scenic areas. What is important to you?

1.) What size town (population wise) would really make you happy?

2.) What type of economy do you want to move into? Graduated from college, has different needs than moving to retirement.

3.) What type of weather do you like?

4.) Do you and your partner agree on this lifestyle? What compromises do you need to make?

5.) School systems. Most small towns have really crappy schools. If homeschooling, make sure the state you plan on living at allows and realize you need room to keep homeschooling supplies.

6.) What do you consider necessary to your life’s enjoyment? For example, I strongly need a bookstore and I wanted to enjoy more live theater. Guess what? NO INTERNET was available in Chadwick. YES, NO INTERNET.

I loved my time in Chadwick but that rural community has a serious meth and drug trafficking problem. It is also 45 minutes from town which made the trip to the emergency room seem to take forever, despite me speeding. Wal-mart was the closest grocery store and that sucked. Springfield MO didn’t offer any employment diversity for Grenwinae to change employers.

So… I wouldn’t give up the time we had there – it was wonderful – but I wouldn’t retire there either. Bottom line – if you can move and try it out first without a full cannon-ball dive into the deep end, I highly recommend it. But changing your lifestyle that drastically without baby steps? I can guarantee you that you might find yourself way in over your head.


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