Martial Law going into effect

It is overdue time for our son to be chased out of the village with old men carrying sticks.

Since we have moved back to Oklahoma and all are living together, while he attends college, the need for me to have space – without him – and for him to have space – without us – is way overdue. Because I’ve been making excuses for his needs, I’ve not been as firm with the guidelines as I had laid them out before all this college started.

He’s your typical 20 year old – drama prince – narcissistic world-revolves-around-me and my Big First World problems of putting together a Dungeons and Dragons playgroup.


I should never have put up with this crap last year and so the road is going to meet rubber this weekend. Martial Law is to be implemented. Heads are going to start rolling.


The Lion is reclaiming her home again and there is going to be a Rumble.



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