Bald Eagle

W. Lloyd MacKenzie, via Flickr

Coming back on my drive from the barn yesterday we saw a Bald Eagle! He was sitting up high in a Sycamore tree and when I pulled off to admire he flew away – rats! Hawks and Eagles seem to take us gawking at them rather like Hollywood stars being hassled by paparazzi. I’ve often tried to stop at a safe distance and their attitude, is like “Fool! Leave me alone!” 😀

I stopped (respectfully) several times to try to get a view of Grumpy Hawk – a mostly black mottled white Hawk that I would see at the same highway location when I drove from Ozark to Nixa, MO. I would often see him when something was about to happen (communication mostly) with my son who was still living in Oklahoma while we were in Missouri.

I ended up calling him Grumpy Hawk (as he seemed just as grumpy as the son was) but was never able to identify him positively because he would take off every time I would stop and try to get my binoculars on him.

Bald Eagles migrate to Oklahoma during the winter season, starting in November. There are Eagle Watch areas in Oklahoma where you can observe and admire them.

I traveled the same route today hoping I might spot him again. I didn’t see him in his tree and was just thinking I wouldn’t see him and I should go on an Eagle Watch when he appeared over my head! Luckily, no one was behind me so I stopped the car and watched him hover in the strong wind.

With their distinctive white heads they really are a show stopper. I thanked him and told him I would definitely go on an Eagle Watch. Wouldn’t it be cool if he was my next Animal Guide? However, I think that Bald Eagle is a bit too high for my social class order. Besides I really think it’s Peacock; I just have to get used to that idea.


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