Personal Problems

The past two days Hawk has been trying to get my attention. He’s been up close and personal on my drives to and from the barn. Although a meditation yesterday yielded nothing.

Later, that night the Boom was lowered. 😦

Today, I see one flying high up and over me in spirals. I tell him Thanks a lot for nothing, buddy. Couldn’t have brought better news?

As I crossed the bridge and drove down into the area where I saw the Bald Eagle, a Red Tailed Hawk swooped across the road and landed on a tree like a foot from another one, which rose up (to attack the first?) and than swooped back across the road. He kept pace with my card flying side by side.

Really don’t need more crap, Hawk.

Not sure what that was all about. Not sure I want to know.

Just as I finished and posted this – Coopers Hawk swooped through the back yard on a hunt. Now, I’m really getting concerned…. 😦


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