Caring for self

Hm that last post (Pink) made me very uncomfortable. I generally don’t like sharing such personal feelings, however, I need to power through and continue.

In the midst of all this Hawk visitation, I think yesterdays message was more about being quick and flexible. The Coopers Hawk that went through the backyard, sailed through like a jet fighter – he glided through at top speed and smoothly angled over the fence, all without beating a wing.

Coopers Hawk is known for this backyard maneuvering. They will use obstacles like fences, to hide from their prey (small birds) before attacking them at bird feeders.

Generally, when Cooper shows up it either means I’m about to get blinded by a sneak attack (like Grenwinaes’ poor job review that he got when in Missouri and which started the catalyst for returning to Oklahoma), or it’s something I need to react too quickly.

I did get several things done in regards to daughter – she is set up with some needed appointments and we shall see what we shall see.

The pair of Hawks – well I know what that was about and discussed it with Grenwinae because I behaved badly towards him the night daughter had her meltdown. I think the Hawks were admonishing me.

On caring for myself this week, I finally got in for the massage I bought from Living Social. And I bought a facial package for myself and daughter. Daughter of course wants nothing to do about taking care of herself but too bad. I’m pushing through on it.

I also got my hair cut – it was looking shaggy. I’m worst about letting it grow out and ignoring it. So getting my hair done every 6 weeks is going to be one of my care-for-self things I will start to do.

The biggest things remaining that I’ve done nothing about is 1.) eating better; 2.) exercising; and 3.) clothes shopping.

Baby steps… baby steps…

Got off the computer and my bank called… my debit card was used illegally (the number had been compromised) and they bank caught it and refused the charge. Card cancelled, new card on the way, but no damage done.


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